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90° Einlaufsystem

Baumer_90deg1Baumer_90degIn order to simplify product turning and feeding operations Baumer has  designed, patented, and produced a special 90° feeding system that  enables production with a range of containers in a very small space.This special system allows for continuous feeding using a rotating push/turn device that guides the product without pressure while keeping a steady  speed.

This patents main characteristic is the ability to work  rectangular, oval(oid), and other shapes - even particularly unstable  containers - without using a cumbersome divider to lane the products.  Consequently, the machine is very compact.

Finally, the 90° feeding system is usable with machines shrink-wrapping with film  and allows for the incorporation of two or more production lines as it  enables production at a speed of 24,000 bph.


  • Extremely compact machine
  • Usable with shrink-wrapping, wrap around and combined machines 
  • Continuous feeding of the 90° infeed system controlled by brushless motors
  • Ability to work at high production speeds
  • No need for dividers to lane the product


Baumers Wrap Around cartonning machines can be equipped with a  system for the insertion of partitions in order to meet all  packaging/shipping requirements. Baumer proposes two systems for  partition insertion.

Non-assembled partitions

Baumer has patented an exclusive system of  inserting non-assembled partitions from below, which offers the customer various advantages:

  • significant costs savings through the use of simple flat cardboard pads instead of pre-assembled partitions.
  • convenient and safe loading of low level cardboard magazine.
  • production speed of up to 65 cartons per minute.
  • The ability to pack products in larger configurations (e.g. 6x4).
  • No label damage.

Preformed partitions

Baumer engineers have designed a rotating preformed-partition  insertion system enabling the achieving of production speeds twice that  of standard robotic solutions.

The partitions are picked up by suction cups and are guided until  their insertion among the bottles thus avoiding any label damage.

Automatischer Folienrollenwechsel

Baumer_filmunitThis system  boasts five international patents defined as "highly innovative". This  is the only non-stop production system and it enables automatic change  of the film reel without operator assistance or attendance, with no film welding, and at production speed.
The main features characterising  this innovative system with regard to savings in production are non-stop production, extraordinary versatility, and extremely precise film  cutting that furnishes a saving of more than 15% on raw materials.


  • Production efficiency  dramatically increases since the line is not stopped nor slowed down due to a reel changeover, which is made at production speed
  • More than 15% saving on raw materials thanks to both the film thickness and  width reduction. Moreover, the reel is used to the end thus avoiding any waste of film
  • No film welding during the reel changeover
  • Usable both with plain and with pre-printed film

Tray mit Deckel

Baumer_traylidBaumer_traylid1The Baumer range includes a special system to pack products in tray & lid closed on two or four sides.

This new type of packaging allows a cardboard saving and offers the customer the opportunity to display the products in different ways at point of  sale.

This tray packer can also pack in wraparound cartons and with shrink-wrap film thus giving the customer maximum versatility.


Flexibility in production and the ability to create convenient packaging types for retail outlets

Easy opening of the pack

The potential to also pack in wraparound cardboard and in shrink-wrap film with the same machine

Top Tray

Baumer_ToptrayBaumer recently designed and built a shrink wrapping machine equipped with a special system for inserting a plastic top-tray around the  bottle’s neck. This system is suitable for different types of product  and can pack in various configurations (3x2, 4x3, etc).

This  system enables the creating of multipacks in twin and triple lane also,  without using film. The same machine can then load the produced  multipacks into a tray or shrink-wrap them with film only, thus  producing a 24 bottle final pack of 4 multipacks.




BM Band

Baumer_BMbeltBaumer’s patented BM BELT system allows for creating different  packaging types with one only machine (e.g. film only, tray and film,  flat board and film and wrap around) rapidly and completely  automatically.

The system uses a motor-positioned conveyor belt,  which is integrated into the machine and whose function is to exclude  the chains that transport the cardboard blanks thus enabling change-over from wrap around to film only configurations in a short time. This belt can be completely controlled from the operator panel and automatically  positioned during format changeover operations without operator  intervention.

This system makes Baumer machines even more flexible, offering the customer production flexibility that was not possible before.


Flexibility for producing various types of packaging

Completely automatic system to change from film only to wrap around carton or tray and film

Ability to pack both loose products and multipacks



Baumer_staplerBaumer provides different types of stacking systems according to the product to be packed: 

Stacker for loose products (pots on pots)
Stacker for trays 
Stacker for flat boards

The stacking system runs uninterruptedly without stopping the products thus granting higher production speeds and greater reliability.





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